Eggum Tourist Route


Status: Completed
Categories: Landscape, Culture, Public Space
Timeline: 2007
Status: Completed
Location: Lofoten, Norway
Typology: Landscape
Size: 5 500 m2
Client: Norwegian Public Roads Administrator

The Eggum Tourist route is one of 18 National Norwegian Tourist Routes, commissioned and managed by the Public Roads Administration to allow travelers to enjoy the countryside’s spectacular vistas with amenities such as service buildings, hiking trails and public art. The Eggum project consists of a service building within an amphitheatre, a hiking trail, car park and stairs built in gabion walls.

The terrain determined the location of areas for camper vans, car parking and the building, all sited in an excavated hill. The car park was designed so that every parked vehicle will have a view of the sea. Gabion walls were used to define the car park and to create a unifying effect for the designed spaces. The construction materials used in the project were largely local to the site. All gabions were filled with stone from the site excavation, and the building’s wooden walls were built from driftlogs found on the nearby beach. The emphasis has been on using rough, natural materials with consistent detailing.


The service building springs out of Kvalhausen. The remains of a World War II German radar station is situated on top of the adjacent hill.


The terrain is supported by a concrete wall and tiered walls of Gabion.


The building has two main volumes – a concrete volume fitted into the terrain with spaces for toilet facilities, a wooden volume with a multi-purpose room and a small kitchen.



The building is situated in a dramatic landscape, where the ocean meets the mountains in a small area of Norway’s breathtaking cultural landscape.