The Bivouac


Materials are selected with care, crafted to last and designed to provide a perfect shelter. There is enough room for one person and luggage. One zippered vent allows you to stand upright on your mattress and the luggage can be accessed quickly from the side. The bivouac adapts fully to different motorcycle heights – from a low chopper, mid-sized scrambler to a high cross machine. In addition, your seat is always covered from rain, no matter what your choice of ride.

This bivouac is made from Cordura®, a well-proven outdoor fabric. Robustness and durability are integral to this product’s construction, far beyond the rip-stop nylon of a regular tent. The fibers of this dense fabric are processed with a trademark coating for the highest level of water impermeability. All chosen materials are made with the aim of creating a product to last with high functionality.

The Bivouac comes with a peg and pole pocket. It forms a rolled tent package only 15cm in diameter and 45cm in width. These dimensions can be adjusted to perfectly fit your motorcycle, from a thicker shorter roll, to a thinner longer roll. The leather binding strap serves also for mounting.

Stay EXPOSED – Motorcycle Bivouac from Justin Stoneham on Vimeo.